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  • 10892.113689422607Total Fuel Burned
  • 16502Miles Flown
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North American Helicopters is a virtual company that use only helicopters. The fleet has transposrt helicopters, working and EMS. But not only, we have also cargo plane for logistic support from and to the bases in the North America. The main HUB and adminstrative is in Rockland,Maine and the operation HUB in Juneau, Alaska. But not only, we operate also in different location like Canada, Greenland and Island and, in summer time also in Italy and Europe. Even if the VA is mainly italian, we recruit pilots from all over the world, without problem as our primary goal is FUN. The pilot can fly alone or in multiplayer, and we will give scenery mission and textures for the fleet.

Virtual North American Helicopters CEO
Recent Flights
Pilot Flight Number Type Departure Arrival Status Altitude Speed Distance/Time Remain
Airline Flight # Type Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
ScanLineVNA001B205MTPXMTPX00.09.51Enrico Folgoretti-444
ScanLineNAH001B412KHSPWV3100.51.56Enrico Folgoretti-193
ScanLineNAH001B212PANCPAFS01.18.15Enrico Folgoretti-39
ScanLineNAH01B412PAJNPAFE01.04.29Enrico Folgoretti64
ScanLineNAH001A-109KAUGKAUG00.28.02Enrico Folgoretti-293
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